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mountain gorilla sleeping- uganda safarisMountain gorillas which are known to the descendants of ancestral monkey thrive in the range of Virunga that is shared by countries of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda which form the ground for gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.
One would wonder about how mountain gorillas spend their overnights in the environments where they live and a cross section of Uganda gorilla safari undertakers would feel mesmerized after encountering the gorilla accommodation.
It should be noted that gorillas sleep in nests resembling their relatives Chimpanzees. The gorilla nests are built in trees or on the ground considering the security and vegetation. Interestingly to note is that gorillas put up new nests every evening and this can be encountered while on gorilla safari and tour in Uganda and Rwanda. Gorillas have to put up new nests even when the ones that they used previous night are very close to them.
Every Mountain gorilla constructs its nest except for young gorillas that put up with their mothers. They enter their nests approximately 1 hour to the dark and at times construct nests for midday rest which can be seen on gorilla trekking safari in Uganda and Rwanda.
A gorilla nest is built by pulling branches of bushes along with other plants to the center where they are joined with one another to form a nest and this is common with ground nests. Other branches are then bent to form the roof of the nest. The tree nests are constructed using tree branches and other materials and have to be strong enough to carry the weight of gorillas. This explains why most of the time young and female gorillas tend to spend their overnights in trees while the male gorillas especially silverbacks dwell much on the ground. These disparities can be encountered while on Uganda gorilla safaris and tours.
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