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Got Moro the attractive Hill in Gulu-Uganda safari News

Uganda tourist attractionsThis is Uganda with very many tourist attractions that you will always discover a new attraction every day. This gives you a reason to have more safaris in Uganda to watch the beautiful things that will make you wish you were a Ugandan hence having a very good Uganda safari and boosting the tourism sector in Uganda.

Here we are with the news about the Got Moro hill in Gulu which is a home to many gods in the area that tourists can approach while on their Uganda safari. This is where people go and give their sacrifices to the gods so as to get blessings and they are always blessed. This has therefore increased more safaris to Uganda so as to safari this area.

During the drought season people normally sacrifice a goat to these gods who immediately give them rain and more than the goat. This amazes the tourists on safaris in Uganda because they find this a unique experience in only in Uganda however no one is supposed to work on the day of sacrifice.

However although it feels nice climbing this marvelous hill while on your Uganda safari, myths have it that if light skinned people climb the hill they do not come back that is the gods take them as sacrifices.

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