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Government and world bank to fund Tourism-Uganda safari News

Tree_climbin_lionThe government of Uganda is working together with the World Bank so as to fund the tourism sector and hence promote more tours to Uganda. Different projects are given money so as to invest more in their business. This will help them to develop more and hence boost Uganda’s economic growth. This has increased the employment opportunities in Uganda hence making it a better place to live in there by increasing the number of safaris to Uganda.

This has mainly targeted the tourism sector because it is has the highest contribution to the gross domestic product of Uganda. This is so because hotels have been upgraded and this will help the clients have a comfortable life as they come for tours in Uganda. The roads have also been improved so as to stop dusty journeys and also potholes along the roads. This has increased the number of people who come for safaris in Uganda hence boosting Uganda’s economy.

Uganda has a lot of tourists attractions that needs to be boosted so as to have more Uganda visits. These include gorillas, chimpanzee, monkeys, birds, culture, crafts and much more. There also the Batwa people known as the pygmies who are a very nice tribe of people with a very interesting god. Much is interesting as travelers come to safari Uganda hence developing Uganda.

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