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Government asked to construct good roads in Uganda-Uganda safari News

road in ugandaUganda with its attractions it has attracted very many safaris to Uganda as tourists come to see its different tourist attractions. These are found in different districts which tourists enjoy visiting while on their safaris in Uganda. These include National Parks, Lakes, Equator, Cultural centers and so many others. These therefore make tourism in Uganda the best therefore marketing Uganda as a tourist destination.

The roads to these tourists’ attractions have to be developed so as to make Uganda the best place for safaris. This will provide comfortable journeys to tourists on Uganda safaris. This will prevent diseases resulting from dust like flu and cough. The roads will also stop traveling on roads with potholes therefore giving tourists the comfortable journeys while on their safaris in Uganda.

The Members of Parliament have therefore advised the government to construct the roads in Uganda so as to have more Uganda safari and making Uganda the best tourist destination. They have advised the government to replace the ferry with the bridge along the area that connects Kamuli and Kayunga. This will therefore ease transportation hence having more safaris to Uganda. This will also boost the trade in Uganda hence having a developed economy.

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