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Greater security in Uganda, the nucleus of Africa’s pleasure – Uganda safari news

security-national-parks-170x170Amid political anxieties in many nations on the African continent, the hub of entertainment Uganda continues to boast of a formidable deployment of forces throughout the country to ensure the safety of both resident and immigrant people.
It is true that tourism, a cross-sectorial industry around the world, is greatly affected by cases of deficiencies in security and safety a reason why it has commonly been labeled “Fragile”. How off-putting it is for global explorers to miss a breathtaking Uganda Safari adventure merely because of blatantly fictitious statements by international bodies that insecurity whelms the entire African continent.
With utmost dedication to upholding security in the country, the government of Uganda has continued even in the 2015/2016 National Budget, to apportion a the large percentage of its budget’s total to the Ministry of Defense (MOD), a bureau that greatly supports the greater Tourism industry in ensuring the safety and security of tourists while on Safaris and Tours in Uganda.
The security forces have consummately secured the country against attacks from terrorist groups, and have also affected peace keeping missions in some neighboring countries. These invaluable men have not seized to do their work, but will continue to do the same to ensure that all people in the country’s boundaries, including those on Safaris to Uganda enjoy their stay.
Uganda has learnt a great deal from her own few slip-ups in the past and she correspondingly labors every day and night never to fall victim of any blunders which other greatly threatened African nations continue to suffer.
Perhaps the fact that Uganda’s population-fabric today is so diverse including many immigrant people from different parts of Africa and the world at large is a more concreted disclaimer of the untrue description of high levels of insecurity that a number of organs have used when relating to Uganda has for long. Negative claims by a few should not interfere with the rights of others to embark on tours to discover the Pearl of Africa including the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

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