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Has Uganda tourism sector grown?

In Feb 2013, the Ministry On a Uganda safari LEOPARD CLIMBS UP A TOURIST CARof tourism stated that tourism/Uganda safari sector is blossoming in Uganda. According to the minister, Uganda is becoming one of the tourist safari destinations most desired by tourist across the world at a fast rate.The Ministry of Tourism, and the catering industry aSs well as Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) are hoping to grab biggest share of the revenue from this booming Uganda safari or Uganda tours sector.

Mutagambwa who is the minister, made the remarks as she was presented with findings of the retraced Sir Samuel Baker`s route from Sudan to Uganda at Media Center in Kampala.

Safaris to Uganda (Uganda tours) are becoming one of the biggest foreign exchange earners to Uganda according to the Minister of Tourism Maria Mutagambwa.

She further advised that the challenge is now upon service providers in the Uganda safari business to offer a chain of tip top or quality services, from when the aero plane touches down at Entebbe Airport, through the out the time a tourist stays on a Uganda safari or tour to the time they board for their return flight back home.

She observed that the more tourist attractions Uganda has to offer, the longer those who safari to Uganda hence leaving behind much more resources. Such Uganda safari attractions spice up the variety of attractions Uganda has to offer to tourists as put forward by asserted Mutagambwa.

The ambitious Baker’s footsteps retracing expedition, Julian Fisher, which was partially funded by UWA, National Geographic Society and Marasa Lodge says he has been to more than 30 countries but none measure to Uganda.

The great grandchildren of Sir Samuel Baker on their expedition or tour to Uganda, were over joyed when they rode a boat on River Nile, visited Murchison Falls and saw the Big Five.

Fisher stated that she couldn’t wait to bring her son and wife to see this beauty, a variety of cultures, mountains and birds.

Fisher visited a National Park and Fort Patiko where Sir Samuel Baker fought slave trade. Apart from retracing Sir Samuel Baker’s route, Fisher will retur to go through Lake Victoria to retrace John Speke path and Bishop Hanington`s footsteps of in Busoga taken in October 1885.

Fisher who is more interested in such historical sites is optimistic that these will attract an exodus of tourists or travelers coming to tour Uganda on various Uganda tours.

However in spite of all these improvements/developments as well as the current optimism or hope that tourism is growing or blossoming in Uganda, a lot needs to be done to achieve serious growth in the Uganda safari/tourism sector.

Many of the roads to major tourist attractions such as Bwindi impenetrable forest the herb of Uganda gorilla safaris, Kidepo national park just to mention but a few requires serious attention to not only shorten the time taken to drive to these destinations but rather make them easily reachable by tourists despite the long distance they are from Kampala.

The Uganda government has a big task of making the whole world aware of Uganda as a country but also what it has to offer to travelers through vigorous advertisement in the whole world so as to let potential Uganda safari travelers know the unique features and creatures Uganda has to offer compared to any other country, such as the more than half of the world`s population of the famous mountain gorillas that dwell in Bwindi and Muhaginga gorilla forests.

Training of more tourism graduated to handle tourists to Uganda right from guides, drivers, and rangers to hoteliers who take care of tourist in hotels and lodges. On top that, the construction of classic but affordable lodges in the jungles where tourists go to see Uganda`s attractions will also make Uganda safaris way affordable by every many travelers hence boosting Uganda tourism.

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