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Have a hike at Mountain Visoke-Uganda Safaris & Tours

Mountain VisokeMountain Visoke is an extinct volcano which is found in Virunga Mountains of Albertine Rift, in the western branch of East Africa. It straddles Rwanda’s boarder and that of Congo, but however it’s located in Rwanda in the town of Goma near Lake Kivu. This mountain has attracted many Rwanda safaris especially those tourists who are interested in Mountain climbing.

This mountain which is located within Rwandan Volcanoes National Park and in Congo,s Virunga National park, has got steep slopes of the peak and its densely covered with Equatorial rainforest and also alpine meadows. Its summit does not gather snow, but however it’s often shrouded in fog. These characteristics have always attracted many tourists to engage in safari trips to Rwanda.

Visoke is considered as one of the mountains with the endangered mountain gorillas and also it’s a research centre which was founded by Dian fossey who was a gorilla conservationist. The mountain gorillas found in this place have greatly attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda.

The mountain also stands at 3700m, and it has got typical conic shape of a perfect volcano and also in its crater lies in a big crater lake, for the tourists who come for hiking safaris, it provides a good experience for climbing .The high elevation demands an extra strength of the climbers and also the hike can take 5 hours and a whole day depending on the walk and the speed of hikers.

This mountain received an eruption in 1957 which formed two small cones on the northern flank, which is 11 km from the summit. These cones have always attracted many safaris in Rwanda. And this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector in Rwanda.

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