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Have an adventure tour in Kidepo National Park – Uganda safaris & Tours

deer- wildlife in kidepoKidepo National Park is located in the northern Uganda. It has been ignored by many tour operators due to the wars which have been going on that part of Uganda. The park has been rated as the best safari destination in Africa; this has helped in increasing tour adventures to the Park.

Kidepo Valley National Park is considered to be Uganda’s wilderness park; the park has survived many threats like the poachers wars which had affected the national park, many conservationists have battled with the poachers. This has tried to reduce the challenges to the park, which has helped to increase Uganda safaris.

The park lies between the mountains where borders of Uganda, Kenya and south Sudan surround the park. Its located 520km north east of Kampala, the park has forested beauty with a variety of African game and plant species. The park has got wilderness of savannah, borassus palms, acacia and many and many sausage tree species. All these have helped in increasing safaris to Uganda hence improving the tourism sector.

The park has been voted as the third best safari destination after Maasai Mara Park. This park has got spectacular land scape, scenery and animal life which includes; lions, leopards, elephants and many other animals. This has helped to increase safaris to Uganda especially to the tourists who are interested in wildlife.

There is also enough security in the park, which is provided to tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda. There is also a chance and plan to translocate the animals in order to increase visits to Uganda.

A game drive in the park will help you view rare cheetahs and ostrich, warthogs, Jackson’s hartebeest, waterbucks and many zebras. There are many other animals that you can enjoy which can make your safari a good experience in Uganda.


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