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Having combined hiking and game viewing experiences in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

uganda wildlife safarisUganda the pearl of Africa is the number one destination in East Africa where tourists on their Uganda safaris can have wonderful memorable experience of hiking the famous mountain Elgon national park and also having rare opportunity of enjoying wonderful game drive in the African’s only wildernesses national park identified as Kidepo valley Park located in the remote areas of Uganda.
Taking safaris to Uganda will offers you the best mixed experience of hiking Mt Elgon which has the biggest volcanic base in the whole of the world and it is also considered to the oldest as well as largest solitary, stunning volcanic mountain in the whole of East African region. The safari tour  to Uganda’s Mount Elgon National Park also widens your opportunities to enjoy glimpse of over 300 species of birds, including the endangered species of Lammergeyer.
The safari tours to Uganda will highly reward you because you will have that one chance to climb on Mt. Elgon’s unexplored moorlands which unveils a magnificent as well as uncluttered wilderness experience without the common summit-oriented approach which is routine to most of the mountains.
In addition, the safari tour to Uganda will enables you to visit Uganda’s most isolated national park, but the most magnificent, Africa’s finest wildernesses park famously known as Kidepo national Park. You will have chance to view the most stunning faunas of Kidepo national park and together with the nearby rare Karamoja region which is one of the regions with unique cultures and most appreciated by travelers on Uganda safari destination of Karamoja.
After memorable hike in Mt.Elgon, traveler on Uganda safaris has unique chance to link to the remote Kidepo national park which offers the real African wildernesses experience. The interesting wildlife in the Kidepo which tourists on their safaris in Uganda can enjoy includnig the greater and lesser kudu as well as eland, warthog, cheetah plus Rothschild’s giraffe, lion, leopard, Burchell’s zebra, spotted hyena and black- elephant, bushpig ,bushbuck, Bohor reedbuck Cape buffalo, bush duiker, Defassa as well as waterbuck and Jackson’s hartebeest ,oribi. Taking time to visit take safaris to Uganda offers the long time memories which no traveller can get elsewhere.
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