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Having Memorable experience with the 13 Group (aka Agasha Group) Gorilla families in Rwanda-Rwanda Safaris News

gorilla safari-imageRwanda a small country of thousand hills is one of the countries in Africa that is gifted with the world’s rare species of the Mountain Gorilla and the rare apes are protected and conserved in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and gorilla families in this park are divided into two separate groups namely the gorilla family for tourism mainly to be visited by the tourists and the gorilla family only allowed for people carrying out Research about the gorillas. The two main groups have attracted various tourists to book Gorilla safaris in Rwanda in order to have face to face memorable encounter with the mountain gorillas and for Researcher they undertake Rwanda Safaris in order to make more research about the interesting world endangered apes surviving in this part of the world.

In the land of thousand hills, there are ten gorilla habituated families and these are protected and to be visited by tourists seeking to have an encounter with mountain gorillas in their Rwanda Gorilla Safaris. The 13 group gorilla family is one of the ten gorilla groups in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and therefore one can directly book for gorilla permit to spend time with this impressing gorilla family.

The 13 gorilla family group found in the beautiful Volcanoes national park was named depending on the thirteen member gorillas in which they moved together. Approximately the gorilla family group has now 25 individual mountain gorillas. The group is led by the silver back  who is responsible of protecting the group members, the group also has 12 gorilla members plus the two sub female adults and lastly the group’s  famous Juvenile, The 13 gorilla group is blessed with individual gorillas members that do not fear human beings especially the seven young babies who tend to play with tourists. For any visitor who spends one magical hour with this gorilla group is guaranteed of memorable and along time experiences which can get out of the visitors mind but the only option of getting this experience is by under taking Gorilla trekking safaris and tours to Rwanda.
The 13 gorilla group habituated in the volcanoes national park has an interesting historical background which can be explored by traveller on his Rwanda gorilla tours in Rwanda. The impressing group was at first under the leadership of Nyakarima silver back who was defeated after some by the more powerful and strong Agashya silver back . The intelligent Agashya first estimated the weaknesses and strength of the first silver back before waging war on him and after realizing the loopholes which his rival had ,he depended on that to wage war on the Nyakarima silver back who he defeated hence making him to make news since the time they were discovered.
Trekking this gorilla group is bit challenging because it involves hiking to the top of the volcano where strong Agashya silver back decided to take his group in order to protect it from being attacked by the other enemies. The magical experience gained by the tourist from the time he or she sets his/her small eyes direct to the big eyes of the mountain gorillas is unexplainable and only that makes the visitor to forget all the distance she or he hiked when looking for the impressing mountain gorilla.
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