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Having wonderful Gorilla trek in Uganda – gorilla safaris news

gorilla safaris and toursUganda is famously known by many tourists because of the county’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park which inhabits around 400 mountain gorillas which  represent half of the world’s endangered species of the mountain gorillas. The other half of mountain gorilla are kept in the African’s oldest park  i.e. Volcanoes national park in Rwanda which is also dominated by the precious Virunga massifs. The Virunga massifs cross to Ugandan side of Mgahinga Park and this has offered Uganda an added advantage for travelers to enjoy their gorilla trekking safaris in the two national parks.
The gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda started in the year 1993 in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park particularly in the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector because this was the sector where Mubare gorilla family was first habituated and received its first tourist or visitor in the year 1993 from that time the habituation of the mountain gorillas increased and currently the country Uganda is proud of 12 gorilla habituated groups which are opened for tourism purposes and research in Bwindi’s four main trekking regions.
The most popular Buhoma sector in Bwindi is the most developed and well organized gorilla trekking region because it was the first sector where gorillas were firs habituated and opened for tourists on their Uganda gorilla safaris to enjoy the encounter with the interesting mountain gorillas. Under taking your gorilla safaris in this sector exposes the visitors to the three mountain gorilla groups habituated in this sector and among these include the Mubare gorilla family which was the first to be habituated and trekked in the year 1993, Habinyanja gorilla group is another interesting gorilla family one can spend one magical hour with while on Uganda gorilla safaris and tours in Bwindi and the third group is the Rushagura gorilla group.
The wonderful Ruhija region is one of the recommendable sectors where visitors can successful have wonderful gorilla experience during his or her gorilla tour and safaris in Uganda.The region is just 48 kilometres from the popular Buhoma region and the sector is also endowed with three mountain gorilla families of Bitukura gorilla group as well as the Oruuzogo and Bitukura gorilla families plus the Kyaguriro .Trekking gorilla safaris in this region is very much rewarding but hectic because it involves hiking the various hills in which the group are found.
Uganda gorilla trekking safaris of the Rushaga region gorilla destination of Bwindi is one of the four wonderful regions where a traveler on his gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda can enjoy one magnificent hour of happiness with the rare mountain gorilla surviving in this part of the country. The gorilla groups which can be conveniently enjoyed and watched in this region include Nshongi gorilla group which is the biggest gorilla group in this region some other groups include the Bweza gorilla group, Busingye as well as the Mishaya Gorilla groups. This sector is the only sector with many Gorilla groups than other sectors in the whole of Bwindi impenetrable national park. The fourth gorilla trekking area where one can enjoy gorilla safaris and tours in Uganda include the Nkuringo region located in the southern part of the park and here visitors can enjoy memorable looks to the single Nkuringo family which is the only family found in the sector. Trekking this group also poses challenge to trek but those who up to it are finally reward with a hour of memory sharing between gorilla and the tourist.
Despite of the fact that Bwindi is the main Center for Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, one can also decide to trek the Nyakagyezi gorilla group found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in most famous south western part in Kisoro district. The impressing landscape coupled with various wildlife as well as fairly charge permits for accessing parks makes Uganda trekking safaris in Uganda more wonderful and very much rewarding than other countries.
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