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Here’s what our lovely flag means – Uganda’s safari news

Uganda_FlagMany symbols in this country tell a story, or two or three ranging from the spears, cooking pots, musical instruments, clothes; to mention just a few. These in addition to the many that cannot be mentioned today tell a bulky mixture of stories which if someone sat down to listen to, they would not exhaust. This is an attention-grabbing country and for this, many people continue to schedule Tours and Safaris to Uganda.
The Ugandan Flag however helps to give a brief summary of Uganda’s main components. You could easily mistake it be like the German flag which features the colors of black, red, yellow; Uganda’s flag instead showcases black, yellow and red as the dominant colors with a circle in the middle and an elegant crown crane, all purposely chosen to tell a short story about this country that “flows with milk and honey”.
Black represents the skin color of the Ugandan people similar to what you can expect to see in an African country; but we are definitely not that dark. On your Uganda Safari and Tour you will be able to agree with me that there are many shades of black, explaining the diversity in color, tribe and kind.
Yellow signifies the sunshine, which we are blessed to see every day. Even on rainy days, the sun comes out to provide the light of day and to keep us warmed up. Our climate is one that you would love to take home with you after your Safari Tours in Uganda; we have average temperatures ranging between 16°C/61°F in the morning and 27°C/81°F after midday. It’s so nice to have equal days and nights all night long, thanks to the equator along which our country is located.
The red denotes the essence of friendliness and brotherhood which is a characteristic of Ugandan people. These guys do not have to go to school to take a course in hospitality management; it is inborn, and is perhaps another ingredient in their genes. From the time your Safari in Uganda sets off, to your checkout time you will see smiles, a sense of attention and utmost conviviality from the few Ugandans you will meet; who are just a sample of the greater hospitable Ugandan population. We will love you like our own blood brothers and sisters on the very first day irrespective of your skin’s color, or your nationality.
The crown crane, a carefully chosen gentle bird species echoes a message about how gentle and calm the Ugandan people are. This is a true description of the political stability which Uganda boasts of today. Ugandans do not push people around; they know the true meaning of the word kind.
The bird is seen standing on a single leg implying that Uganda is not a boringly stagnant country. Developments in infrastructure, economics, social and political spheres continue to unveil themselves with the day ensuring that tourists will enjoy each and every Safari that they book for Uganda. The beautiful Ugandan flag explains a lot about its people; but more of the beauty has to be physically experienced. This is Uganda “a medley of pleasantness”.

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