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The Heritage Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park

The Heritage Safari Lodge

The Heritage Safari Lodge is a Budget Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park on the northern boundary of the Uganda Tours destination of Murchison Falls National Park is an affordable gem presented in a local Acholi setting allowing one to feel the complete touch of the ancient African architecture and design.

Located in the open savannah rolling combretum close to the banks of the Albert Nile, Heritage Safari Lodge features a lovely setting that allows you to have a typical night in the African wilderness and recount your safari in Uganda memories.

This is one of the Safari Lodges in Uganda whose rooms comprise of impressively designed thatched cottages fixed with mud along with tents.

The cottages are both luxury and standard and the incorporation of tents and a camping ground offers a diverse accommodation arrangement to cater for various categories of travelers on safaris in Uganda.

The accommodation arrangement ranges from single to double, twin, triple, and quadruple along with family setting.

The traditional designed architectural cottages are round in shape with a two-step thatch design whose interior feature a blend of modernity and tradition. The Cottages feature self-contained bathroom fixed with shower head and the toilet. They go ahead to feature natural ventilation and fresh percale linen. By staying in the rooms, one stands the opportunity to be offered a room service on request and use of laundry.

The lodge features a restaurant serving both modern and traditional cuisine featured on both Buffet and A la carte menus.

The meal is enjoyed in the company of the views of the Albert Nile below and the rolling savannah on the other side.

The cock tail bar is located within the restaurant building and equipped with the drinks that one might wish to draw from.

The team at Heritage Safari Lodge is dedicated to settle all the demands and interests of individual clients and events including family parties, birthday and friends get together.

Heritage Safari Lodge features a beautiful garden which extends a distance from the lodge and presents a provision for the bush breakfast within the company of the resident Species of birds and a cool breeze from the waters thus presenting a relaxation moment for the travelers on Uganda safaris

Heritage Safari Lodge goes ahead to incorporate the traditions of Africa including the bonfire. The guests rest around it listening to the stories and folklores of the Acholi people.

The Lodge is also endowed with a natural hot spring which acts as mud bath for the elephant Species, the weaver bird nesting ground and a breeding ground for lizards and butterflies.

The stay at Heritage Safari Lodge offers a free encounter with the site. It appears at the head of River Kamshiko and the warm spring with salty waters are a darling to wildlife especially elephants which consume about 200 liters in a single take.

Staying at Heritage Safari Lodge allows you to connect to Murchison Falls National Park through its northern gate of Tangi and start off the game viewing in the northern open savannah landscapes of Murchison with great wildlife including elephants, Cape Buffaloes, Rothschild Giraffes, the Oribis, Uganda Kobs and the Jackson’s Hartebeest among others.

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