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High rates of poachers affecting the tourism sector in Uganda-Prime Uganda safaris & Tours safari updates

poachingThe armed poachers are affecting the tourism sector in Uganda due to increased trading of ivory. This illegal hunting of elephants in Uganda and in the neighbouring countries has been increased due to the increased demand in Asia and in the Middle East. This brings about killing of elephants and the Rhinos for horns which are used for traditional medicine and ornament making, this has greatly affected Uganda safaris since these animals have greatly reduced in many national park.

There are many elephants which have been killed both in Uganda and in the other East African countries; this illegal activity has greatly affected the number of animals in Uganda which has led to reduction in the safaris to Uganda, because most of the animals have been killed by the poachers. This affects the country since a single calf of an elephant is born after 22 months which is a long period of time.

The large shipments of the illegal ivory are always done through a network which is well sourced by the buyers, some other ivory is carried in brief cases and it’s carried out of the country to be sold to the outside countries. This has affected safaris in Uganda since the numbers of tourists who want to come and visit the country are greatly discouraged to travel to Uganda, especially those interested in wildlife.

In order to protect the wildlife in Uganda, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has placed many game rangers especially in the national parks and the game reserves so that they can be able to protect the animals from poachers , so as to increase on the safari visits top Uganda.

The problem is that these poachers are well armed with many weapons which they use to kill the rangers who try to stop them from hunting the animals. This has greatly scared the game rangers who have decided to run away leaving these poachers to continue killing the animals. This calls in the government to come in to import the army in the national parks so that the poachers can be pushed out of the parks. This has greatly impacted the tourism sector since safari adventures to Uganda have greatly reduced.

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