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Hiking experience on Elgon National Park-Uganda Safari News

mountain elgonMount Elgon National Park is perfectly located at an estimated distance of 140 square kilometers on the north Eastern part of the world’s third largest Lake Victoria. The park found in eastern Uganda covers an area of 1279 km² and it’s divided into two half’s i.e. the Kenyan part covering 169km of the park area and the Ugandan part which covers 1110square kilometers. The part is the only land mark attractions in the eastern Uganda where tourists on their Uganda safaris can enjoy mountain hiking and also have memorable cultural encounters.
In the history of the park, C. W. Hobley became the first European while on his safaris to Uganda to circumnavigate the popularly known Mountain Elgon. Stigler and Kmunke are travelers who made the first recorded ascent to the Koitobos and Wagagai summit in the year 1911. Jackson, J. Martin,and E. Gedge where the first travelers to make a record of assenting to Sudek in the year 1890. Hence it’s the only mountain in Uganda where non expert hikers on their Uganda safari can also enjoy hiking experience without any challenge.
The mountain which can be found in the Uganda-Kenya border is also the largest and oldest solitary as well as volcanic mountain in the whole of East Africa. The mountains areas extend eighty kilometers in diameter and it also rises above 3,000m above sea level. The cool precious heights of the Elgon Mountains provide favorable and excellent grounds were tourists can enjoy the cool temperatures and nice breath coming from the snow tops of the mountain. Hiking to the top of mount is very rewarding to the hikers in that while hiking the mountain, they can enjoy the sights and views of different flora and fauna found in the different altitudes of the mountain area.
Mount Elgon is not frequently visited like other higher and more famous mountains in the region of East Africa. Mountain Elgon is sometimes neglected by travelers and only sought after the famous Kenya and Kilimanjaro mountains becoming increasingly crowded and degraduated .The travelers on their hiking safaris in Uganda who have come to appreciate the precious Mount Elgon have been rewarded with hiking experiences. A climb on Mt. Elgon’s deserted moorlands unveils a magnificent and uncluttered wilderness experience before even hiker reaches the summit of the mountain.
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