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Home stays promoting tourism in Uganda-Uganda safari news

bufallosThe ministry of tourism is looking for ways of increasing the number of tourists to Uganda and one of them is encouraging home stays with in the country. This is the practice of making the tourists to stay longer in the places they have visited. Through this practice, the tourists pays some fees to stay with the hosts, this will help in increasing safaris to Uganda.

The home stays will also help in providing comfortable accommodation facilities to the tourists and this will always be at a low rate which will at the same time help in providing some income to the local people which will help in improving their lives. This will further help in engaging the tourists in the cultures of the people of Uganda hence increasing safari tours to Uganda.

The products produced by the local people will also acquire market since the tourists will be able to get enough information about the tourist products, these include; the hand crafts which are made by the locals and the vegetation’s which are also grown to support the tourist’s stays. The tourists will also be able to know about the history of the people of Uganda, this will however help in increasing safari visits to Uganda, hence increasing the revenues of the country.

The locals produce products like; wall hangings, tables, mats, necklaces and many more and these are sold to the tourists. This will also try to change the poor attitudes of the local people against the development of tourism in the country hence helping them to engage directly in the development of tourism in the country.

The home stay project is also to help to avoid the many unemployment problems which are facing the people of Uganda especially the local people who find it had to find work, with these projects, they will be encouraged to engage in the activities of products the crafts which will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for tours to Uganda.

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