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Pineapple Bay

Pineapple Bay located in Bulago Island in Lake Victoria is a luxurious accommodation establishment that presents a tranquil Island Resort experience generating lifetime memories on your safaris in Uganda.

Pineapple Bay is spread on the 500 acre Bulago Island amidst the mighty waters of Lake Victoria with rocky out crops on the shoreline along with low cliffs. The tree covered fertile soil close to the shore while a small section of a rain forest mark the north eastern part of the Island presenting an ideal stay spiced by the savannah like grassland that mark the interior of the Island.

Pineapple Bay- accommodation on a uganda safari

Accommodation at Pineapple Bay is presented in 6 expanse cottages overlooking the lake with;

Pineapple Bay also has 2 Garden Cottages with;

In general Pineapple bay can accommodate up to 26 guests per night.

Facilities at Pineapple Bay

Accommodation rates for pineapple bay

Rates Per person Double Single
Lake Facing Cottage  Adult $230 $300
Lake Facing Cottage Child 3 – 12 sharing with adult.  Under 3 years (free of charge) $120
Garden Cottage Adult $185 $240
Garden Cottage Child 3 – 12 sharing with adult.  Under 3 years (free of charge) $95
Boat Transfers 1 night stay $40pp. 2 nights & above free of charge.


One Minute South Villa Bulago Island

One minute south villa is seven bed room villa located on 500 acre Bulago Island surrounded by the magical waters of Lake Victoria.  The four (4) of the rooms are positioned in the Villa while the remaining three (3) are positioned in the neighboring guesthouse.

The serene place is a complete home in the tropical waters marked by a range of woodwork sculptures that give you company in this part of the world.

The Villa is positioned 0°01’S of the equator which forms the background for its naming and is seated in the North West corner of Bulago Island.  The One minute South Villa takes sixteen (16) people at once.

Room Facilities at One Minute South Villa

Facilities at One Minute South Villa in Bulago Island

Accommodation Rates at One Minute South Villa in Bulago Island

First Night $500
Second night & on wards $450