Find here a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Ssese Island Resort Hotels. These hotels have been categorized into 3 categories including; luxury Ssese Island Resort hotels, midrange Ssese Island Resort hotels, and budget hotels in Ssese Island Resort and other accommodation facilities.

miremberesortThis is an entertaining country side hotel that is relaxing and quiet, it is embrassed with the chanting birds and a cool breeze from the calm Victoria water waves to cool you down any time.

Hotel facilities
Food and service beverages,Wireless internet,Dstv plus all the usual hotel Utilities

Accommodation rates per night


Single occupancy 100,000 Ush $ 55, Double occupancy 170,000 Ush $ 95,

Block houses

Single Occupancy 85,000 Ush $ 50,   Double Occupancy 135,000 Ush $ 80.

Triple Occupancy 185,000 Ush $ 90.0

Tents  (full board)

Per bed/ per person 45,000 Ush $22.


Panorama Cottages
panoramaIt is located close to the beaches of Kalangala bay and has very warm welcoming and informative staff.

Hotel facilities
Yarmy delicacies at breakfast and lunch including local African dishes
Fish, pork, vegetarian curry for lunch and dinner

Accommodation rates per night
Cottages range from $28 to $ 48

Ssese habitat resort
It is located on the summit of an ever green Island of Bugala, situated on relatively higher grounds of the Islands.

Hotel facilities

Leisure beach activities

Romantic exclusive Honeymoon
Sauna  & Steam Bath

Conference rooms for Conferences, Workshops and Meetings

Accommodation rates:

Trippe room Usd 146 , Double room Usd 96, Single room Usd 47

Rates for leisure activities
Cycling = 10,000/= (per bike)

Quad bike = 30,000/= (per bike)

Canoeing = 30,000/= (for 3 persons)

Forest guided walk = 30,000/= (minimum of 2 persons)

Jet Ski = 50,000/=

Speed boat ride = 100,000/=

Island drive = 100,000/= (maximum of 10 people)

All these activities are facinating and breath taking for any guest to this Hotel.

Pearl Gardens Beach-Kalangala

pearlgardensThis beach is built on a 6-acre beach resort on Buggala Island along Lutoboka shore-line 3 Kms north of Kalangala Town Council in Uganda  in Lake Victoria.


Accommodation facilities
The beach has 10 Wooden bandas, a 40 bed dormitory, a conference facility   for 100 people, guest houses of 32 beds and 4 self contained executive cottages of 20 beds.

Accommodation rates
Double  90,000

Single  60,000

Double 120,000

Single  80,000

Family units 160,000