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How national heritage is being destroyed for development – Uganda safari news

kasubi tombs uganda cultural safarisUganda is endowed with rich heritages that date far back to the ancient times. These heritages have for long shaped the history of our civilization and the trail through which the contemporary man has passed to reach this far. This at times has been of great interest to world researchers and historians prompting them to undertake the safari to Uganda.
However, it is very unfortunate to note that the things that denote our civilization have often been presented to destruction in the name of development. Great historical sites like those in Ankole where the people were denied an opportunity to restore back their monarchy have gone through considerable destruction with the central and local government officials taking advantage of them in the name of development.
For example an ancient palace of Nkore Kingdom and a heritage site named Bweyorere protected under the Historical Monuments Act of 1967 which has got the potential to be encountered by travelers on Uganda safaris and tours has suffered the exploitation by Murram diggers used along Mbarara – Kikagati road.
The Bweyorere site is not alone. The Mugaba palace which is the main palace of the Ankole Kingdom is apparently in a state of disrepair and is a great target of Murram diggers in Mbarara Municipality. The local government officials in the area seem to be taking advantage of its situation and are noted to be part of the move.
The state seems not having any concern in preservation of these Uganda safari assets i.e. keeping deep histories that at one time the British historian Basil Davidson called the African genius. It has depicted that it cherishes the development legacy
With this it is high time the national heritage preservation be given consideration because losing our past would be similar to losing the future. The significance of preserving it would even spur great development in the long run including increasing safaris to Uganda.
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