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How to protect stray animals in Parks- Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

deer - uganda safaris Animals with in the national parks have always escaped to the local communities which has greatly affected the local people since these animals have destroyed the gardens and some other people have lost their lives due to stray animals .This has affected Uganda safaris since the local people have got a poor attitude against the development of Tourism in their areas.

The local people have decided to come up with strategies on how to control these animals from destroying their crops and also their lives. The local people have decided to collaborate with different organisations like; USAID, Uganda Tourism for biodiversity programme, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), these have helped in Equipping the community wildlife scouts with equipment’s which will help in controlling the animals from getting out of the park. This will help in increasing safaris to Uganda since the local people will be participating in Tourism directly.

These equipment’s which are to be used by the scouts include ; garden gloves, buckets, nose-masks, vuvuzela, bells, whistles, hoes, pick axes, spades, gumboots, raincoats, torches, and water bottles. All these equipment’s will help in improving safaris in Uganda which will later help in developing the tourism sector.

More so, in order to improve on the safari visits, the organisations have decided train scouts who will help in managing the elephants and other animals which usually stray into private land, destroying people’s property. According to AWF Uganda’s Communication Specialist, Abiaz Rwamwiri, Shs 20.5m was spent on the training, bringing the total amount of money spent on the wildlife scouts to Shs 28m.

Also in order to emphasise the promotion of safari tours to Uganda , Community representatives and volunteer youths (scouts) were mobilised to chase away problematic elephants from community gardens through simple, cheap methods including increased vigilance, beating tins or drums, blowing vuvuzela or whistles application of pepper, setting fires and other traditional methods in an organised manner.

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