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How You Can Stay Safe During Uganda Safari Tours

How You Can Stay Safe During Uganda Safari Tours

Known as the pearl of Africa and so for the beauty appreciated beyond borders, Uganda is blessed with diversity. The country is blessed with unique natural art ranging from the soaring mountains through the terraced hilltops to the pristine wilderness plains. Straddling the equator line within East Africa, where a tourist has a two-hemisphere safari experience within a single tourist Africa safari destination.

Stay Safe During Uganda Safari ToursUganda is Africa’s most hospitable nation, though being a multi-lingual nation with 56 different languages spoken! In Uganda are different ethnic groups that reside in harmony inclusive of which are the Bantu, Nilotics and Nilo Hamites with the smallest tribal groups being the Batwa and IK (one of Africa’s smallest ethnic groups). The diversity in cultures within the tribal groups offers more than expected opportunities to experience different cultures on your Uganda safari.

Uganda safaris are indeed unique and irresistible and therefore the increase in the number of tourists. With the increasing need for Uganda tours so is the need for knowledge on how to enjoy trips without regret. Uganda has diversity in flora and fauna and therefore offers a variety of options to those who tour the country. Uganda just like any other country has its share of problems that not only may affect the natives but also create attention to tourists. A petty crime that is avoidable is common and therefore here I give you the top tips on how to stay safe during Uganda safari tours for any kind of traveller;

How you can stay safe during Uganda safari tours in the National Parks

Stay Safe During Uganda Safari ToursGenerally, crime is not an issue in Uganda’s national game parks and reserves. Although the bush is home to plenty of dangerous animals, it’s easy to stay safe by simply following park rules and regulations and always listening to your Uganda wildlife safari guide. Basic tips include;

  • Stay in the safari vehicle at all times during the game drive (unless you’re told by your guide that it’s safe to get out).
  • Always check your shoes for venomous spiders if you have walked in the bush
  • If you decide to camp when you safari Uganda, don’t ever feed wild animals when they approach your campsite because you are only encouraging aggressive behaviour.
  • If hiking Mount Rwenzori or Mount Elgon is part of your safari to Uganda then don’t forget to ensure that the equipment used is up to standard and ensure that you are cautious about altitude sickness and consulted a doctor earlier.

How you can stay safe during Uganda safari tours within the cities

Stay Safe During Uganda Safari ToursWith the cities or towns of Uganda especially Kampala, the capital city attracting a big population, it is good to be cautious and here is how to keep safe;

  • A traveller should ensure that their Uganda safari tour accommodation is booked early and within affluent areas. Avoid slum areas unless if you are travelling in an organized group or else on a tour with a knowledgeable guide.
  • Make sure you do not walk alone at night within the cities since this attracts petty thieves.
  • If you plan on taking a self-drive safari in Uganda, ensure to always keep the doors and windows closed especially at the traffic light junctions.
  • Never leave valuables visible inside the car when you park or even leave any cash seen while walking on the streets.
  • Leave your flashy jewellery at home, carry cash in a concealed money belt and be discreet with expensive camera equipment. It’s a good idea to keep spare cash or cards and a copy of your passport in the safe at your hotel so that you have a backup in case of emergencies.
  • Never accept lifts from strangers and be cautious of anyone trying to help you hail a taxi on the street. The safest bet is to arrange official taxis through a reputable source such as your hotel or Uganda tour operator. 

Stay Safe During Uganda Safari ToursHow you can stay safe during Uganda safari tours for solo women travellers

If you are a solo female traveller, you may want to take extra precautions when you tour Uganda.

  • To avoid being made to feel uncomfortable by unwanted sexual attention, consider dressing conservatively, trousers are a good option when you can’t wear a skirt or dress, avoid skimpy dresses and short pants.
  • Make sure to research hotels carefully and always stay in a safe area. Booking hotels in the affluent areas of towns is a great option.
  • Never accept lifts from strangers and be cautious of anyone trying to help you hail a taxi on the street.

It’s great to go on safari and return home safe, always remember these tips and also take personal precautions to avoid regretting your trip. Also remember these tips for a Tanzania safari, Tanzania tour, Kenya safari, tour Kenya, Rwanda safari or Congo tour. It’s wise to remember these tips and consider them not only how to stay safe in Tanzania but then how to stay safe on safari anywhere in the continent.

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