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“I Support Chimpanzees ” has been launched to interest children in nature and the environment.

A new initiative to iA resting Chimpanzeenterest kids in nature and environment code-named “I Support Chimpanzees” was launched a week in Uganda week ago.The minister for tourism and antiquities, Maria Mutagamba During an occasion held at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, took time to talk about the campaign.It is assumed that as the young ones grow up with love for the environment, then they public will have the initiative to protect nature and in turn this will promote the Uganda safaris or Uganda safari business.

This project will include a series of activities every year through educational programs in schools and communities, corporate plus small and medium enterprise partners, said Mrs. Maria Mutagamba.

The “I Support Chimpanzees” project will not only promote domestic tourism/the Uganda safari or Uganda safaris sector, but will help raise funds towards protection of chimpanzees as part of Uganda’s natural heritage.Definitely the more chimpanzees protected the more tourists will a safari to Uganda or a Uganda safari to trek these beautiful apes.

The minister, Maria Mutagamba appreciated the campaign as a way of raising awareness of endangered natural resources and their cultural heritage and will also boost international and domestic tourism or the Uganda safaris sector.

The minister further urged that,“It is time Ugandans visited museums, historical sites, game parks, climb mountains and have nature walks,” . “The ministry pledges support for the campaign and urges every Ugandan to support it.” If all Ugandans do as advised by the ministry then the Uganda safari or Uganda tourism will boost highly due to the increase in local tourist numbers or having many Ugandans taking on Uganda safaris to Uganda`s national game parks.

“We must also engage our children in programs like this one that will enable them fully appreciate their country while they are still young.” Maria Mutagamba further urged.

This event attracted several players in the Uganda safaris or tourism industry that included Sheraton Hotel, Uganda Wildlife Authority, SN Brussels, and Uganda Tourism Board. In addition were the children who have visited Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary and they testified about their visits.

The “I Support Chimpanzees” campaign starts from 2nd December with Chimpanzee Children’s Christmas carnival to take place at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

Lilly Ajarova the Executive Director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) said; “We want to approach conservation education through the children who will be good ambassadors in the future and therefore this carnival will be a great opportunity for parents to informally interest their children in protection and promotion of wildlife as we seek to create new ambassadors for the future generation.”

Ajarov further stated that the carnival will be followed by a series of other activities to take place throughout the year.

Taking school groups to the island, having wild games and road shows are some of the planned activities that will take place through out out the year and certainly if these activities are carried out as programed shall lead to the growth in the Uganda safaris or Uganda safari sector better still the general Uganda tourism sector.

“I first went to the Island three years ago, and since then I have gone back there about five times but still feel like going there again and again. In my visits I have seen not only chimps but also varies species of birds, otters and reptiles like monitor lizards.”

“Through these visits I felt a good sense of relaxation, even if I saw the chimps in captivity, it was captivating. Being on the island was lovely and it taught me several things.

Martin Raymond Kikonyoga, a child visitor to Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary testified to his memorable visits there.

“I therefore urge fellow children to visit the parks and, like me, get to know about Uganda’s biodiversity which I did not know.”   Martin Raymond Kikonyoga finally remarked.

If the young have similar memories after touring Uganda`s attractions on several Uganda safari Packages, the Uganda safaris or tourism sector would definitely develop.

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