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Iby’Iwacu cultural encounter in areas around Volcanoes National Park-Rwanda Safaris News

Iby’Iwacu cultural encounter- rwanda safarisIby’Iwacu village is located around volcanoes national park in Nyabigoma, Kinigi village, Musanze district. Tourists on their Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris can have a visit to Iby’Iwacu to share with local people their interesting heritage treasures such as lifestyles, cultural activities, artifacts and daily ways of living of local people. Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village is dedicated at exhibiting the unique ways of living as well as traditional interesting lifestyles of the local Kinyarwanda.
Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village gives visitors a rare opportunity to interact with the local people, in their natural environment, with a taste of their unique culture and traditions. Visitors on their cultural safaris to Rwanda particular to Iby’Iwacu are genuinely welcomed by the community members as special guests’ .The atmosphere which is charming to visitors is accompanied with the proudly presented local drama and dance. The only special way one can come to know people, is by getting close and interacting with them, and taking part in their daily activities and most of all with them.
The encounter exposes visitors to have a guided community walk to visit different sites and experience the everyday lives of the local people. Cultural guide will take visitors to tour the king’s house replica with all the other historical houses. The guide leads visitors while interpreting all parts and stories attached to this cultural treasure. The wonderful experience involves visitors being enthroned to a king for some time while exercising king’s powers as presented to him by a village elder through a village cultural ceremony done when coronating the king. Visitors are also entitled to various forms of traditional dances like Intore dance and famous songs of the gorillas sang by the famous Ngayabatema while listening to the nice melody produced by traditional musical instruments including African drums.
Visitors to this part of Rwanda are also entitled to listening to charming stories about traditional medicine from a local traditional healer and get to know how medicinal trees, grass, shrubs, are used to cure different diseases suffered by local patients.
The cultural memorable encounter creates an opportunity one can have taste of Rwanda’s local foods by having a local lunch or dinner with local people.
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