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Identity cards to increase tourism development in Uganda – Uganda safaris News

primeIdentity cards have started being used by different countries of East Africa and this has eased the movement of tourists who come for the safaris to all the east African countries. These have first been used by the presidents of Kenya and Rwanda who recently came to Uganda in order to attend the summit of East African community. This has helped in improving the operations of the tourism sector.

The Usage of the identity cards is so good since it’s going to help in improving the movement of the tourists who travel and enter all the east African countries, this will increase the number of international tourists who come to safari Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. There will also be an improvement in the movement of the nationals hence developing domestic tourism in the country.

The use of the identity cards will also help in strengthening the integration which is among these east African countries and this will help in promoting the development of tourism in the area. This is to help in increasing the number of people who come for safari tours to Uganda. This will help in developing and at the same time developing the tourism business in East Africa.

The nationals of all the east African countries have to poses identity cards since this will help in differentiating the nationals and the non-nationals when the tourists are crossing any boarder to another country. This will help in increasing the number of national who will participate in domestic tourism hence increased safaris.

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