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Igongo cultural center; the ankole heritage summarized – Uganda safari news

igogo cenerIgongo Cultural Center positioned at 12km to Mbarara town is one of the heritage centers that can be found in Uganda and those of interest to Uganda safari undertakers.
The cultural center is a collection of the artifacts of all tribes of south western Uganda including the Bakiga, Banyankole among others presenting a rich historical and heritage trail that dates back to the prehistoric era. The defunct Kingdom of Ankole was an established Monarchical arrangement with a king named Omugabe. He had royal regalia including the famous drum Bagyendanwa which was believed to have been left behind by the last King of the Bachwezi Wamara in favor of his son Ruhinda who later gave birth to the lineage of the Bahinda Clan – the rulers of Ankole. This culture is summarized in the Erijukiro Museum at Igongo cultural Center and can be encountered on Uganda safaris and tours.
There were also other kingdoms like the one of Mporororo, Rujumbura and Buhweju before they were merged with Nkore to form the greater Ankole Kingdom by the British Colonialists. These Kingdoms too had impressive heritage which is also show cased at the cultural center.
Igongo Cultural Center has a remarkable restaurant named Kahwa Kanuzire loosely translated as ‘it’s finished when it is still sweet’ preparing all sorts of traditional cuisine of the south western region including Eshabwe which is common among the Banyankole pastoralist, Karo which is common among the Banyankole Cultivators and a range of other cuisines that also present the travelers on safaris in Uganda with remarkable taste of the African traditions.
The impressive craft shop at the center is also gorgeous featuring a range of craft items made by the skilled local men and women using their indigenous knowledge, Travelers can always get themselves a souvenir to take as a memorabilia back home. At the center, there lies lush green gardens which are rolled over a felt landscape overlooking the hills of Nshaara and dotted with amazing works of art including Mayenje g’ Ishinjo Rutanyoubwa Bigomba which is an ancient historical cow that brought the Kingdoms of Ankole and Buhweju at war because of its remarkable beauty and extra ordinary milk production capacity. This combines to make Igongo Cultural center a stop point while planning your safaris to Uganda.
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