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Illegal Human activities eating away River Nile-Uganda Safari News

nile riverThe famous River Nile is one of Uganda’s major tourist attractions drawing tourists to undertake safaris to Uganda in order to explore the river and also enjoy the different adventurous tourist’s activities. Despite of this, the rivers white waters as well as wildlife that make it so stunning and eye catching to both local and international tourists are in problem because of the different Illegal human activities carried out along the endowed  banks of the river. In order to save the world’s beautiful river and the wonderful natural wildlife, birds which are the main tourist attraction responsible for many Uganda safaris today, government and all other tourism stake holders should take the responsibility to move to the nearby local communities staying in the areas next to River Nile to sensitize them about the benefit of conserving this natural feature.
The Nile Delta which is declared Ramsar sites consisting of different wetlands which are pronounced due to their being habitat to the different eco-systems such as wildlife ,birds as well as plant life and above all sense of cultural and recreational valves to the different travelers who undertake safaris to Uganda. Its however disappointing to hear that some local residents living in the areas of Buliisa District where the river bisects the two districts of Nwoya and Buliisa in the middle are encroaching on the river banks to grow their crops and also poach on endemic fish, hunt the birds as well as animal species when even government resource officers and tourism stake holders are observing without doing something to save the natural resource from being destroyed by the illegal human activities. If Uganda is ready to increase on number of safaris to Uganda and also maintain the name pearl of Africa as well as being number one destination, the government, private tourism stake holders, conservation non-governmental organizations should cooperate and protect the natural wonders such as River Nile and other water bodies, wetlands, forests, swamps, because these resources are irreplaceable once destroyed they cannot be regained. The only appropriate way to protect these resources is by involving local communities near the natural resources through community participation in different beneficial projects, and sensitizing them about the positive and negative importance of protecting natural resources around their areas.
Despite of the fact that River Nile is threaten by human activities, the river remains the best places in Uganda where tourists planning for a safari to Uganda can spend and experience adventurous activities in the pearl of Africa Uganda. Participating in the launch trips in Murchison falls which also offer views of birdlife wildlife, boat cruising in the river Niles in Jinja, bungee jumping, boat ridings and viewing the magnificent water falls in the different parts of the Nile River in water is memorable experience which no visitor on Uganda safaris and tours should miss.
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