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Improve Hotels to Develop Tourism in Uganda – Uganda Safaris

courtviewhotel-safari accommodation in ugandaThe tourism sector has been growing fast in Uganda due to several factors, like increased safaris to Uganda, government support, and many other factors, however, some hotels are of poor standards which has led to reduced safari visits to Uganda.

Most of the hotels in Uganda are under developed, this is because the quality of services offered within the hotels is still low and this has brought about complains from the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda.

The lodges in the National Parks need to be improved in order to encourage more tourists to book more safaris. This can be done through cooperating with the government so that it can fund the renovation of all the hotels which don’t meet with the standards.

More so, in order to increase Uganda safaris, the quality of services in both the hotels and the lodges should be improved in order to encourage repeat business by the tourists. More so, through providing quality services in hotels, the reputation of the country is kept especially to the outside world.

The government should also come up to develop new hotels which meet the standards instead of leaving the task to the private sector; this will help to enforce the law of rating hotels according to stars so that they can compete favorably. This will help to increase safari visits to Uganda and also develop the tourism Sector

The government can try privatization of some hotels to the potential investors who can develop them to the required standards. This will also improve the sector since some investors have enough funds to invest in the renovation and construction of new hotels hence increasing tour visits by the tourists to Uganda

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