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In 2013 travel smarter when going for a Uganda safari

 Uganda safaris tips for easy travel . If you are keen on having a safari to Uganda sometime this year or in the near future, you are mostly likely to need some tips that will simplify your safari.

1. Your Travel/Safari Itinerary
Before you embark on your Uganda safari, ensure that you have a travel itinerary before starting the journey. Be it rough or detailed to suit your trip, your personality, but always know the brake down of where you are going and what you expect to see where and when.
If you are organizing your own Uganda safari or safari to Uganda, begin by finding out the professional`s way of doing it. You can for instance find out sample itineraries offered by safari/tour operators and recommend travel guide books then modify it to fit your safari interests.
Looking at photos from your country (Uganda in this case) you are planning to visit. Good photos of Uganda`s tourists attraction can help you to identifies the places and sights that attract you most.

You should be flexible with your itinerary to allow alterations because many times you will find unexpected interesting attractions after you have arrived at your destination (Uganda) for Uganda safari. You therefore should allow your self chance to do any activity freely with out rigidity so as to jump on any available memorable activity that may become the highlight of your safari.

2. Booking trips
Before you embark on booking your Uganda safari, do your best to get better and fair deals by considering/looking at several Uganda safaris and compare prices for the best deal. Do not assume that one company is cheaper or better because it is well known

Always remember that the more flexible you are with your safari dates,  the better your chances of getting good prices for your Uganda safari. For example, look out for the cheapest days of the week to fly on and find out if you are entitled for any discounts as this may lower your safari cost.

For the best prices also always chose a few companies and compare their price quotations and the determinants of their prices. It is important to compare item per item, and always add all taxes, any other fees and surcharges if not included in the safari price.
After making your booking forget about it and do not get frustrated if you find better price later elsewhere because what is done is done.

3. Safari clothes and travel gear
You have to wear no special clothes and gear when going for your Uganda safari. But you can put on some special there is a special travel wear and gear.
Travel clothes are comfortable and convenience, they are light and dry quickly, they wrinkle less they and are just perfect for a safari. Special travel gear makes your journey so comfortable and enjoyable.

4. Packing for a your safari to Uganda
Always pack smartly what ever you prefer or have to pack be it light or not. It is advised that you divide your luggage into what you must take and that you would like to take with you. Pack the must have items and then after pack the rest if you have some space.

Avoid exceeding the luggage allowance weight; because airlines are increasingly strict about their luggage weight allowances so always check them prior to traveling. How ever you are free to use your excess luggage allowance depending on the type of Safari and its requirements.

Creative use of the space you have and use of the bundle wrapping method or the rolling method as opposed to the folding method when packing your clothes is advised. Use some packing organization systems such as packing cubes and folders to save space and have your luggage organized through out you Uganda safari.

5. Always be open Minded
No matter your reason for having a Uganda safari; enjoyment, discovery and learning new things or for business, always be open minded. Whatever your reason to have this safari to Uganda is, you should always travel with an open mind and have a lot of patience.

Put in mind that some things may be different from what you know or expect. If it happens, instead of letting it bother you, just positively embrace the difference as an adventure away from home perhaps the essence of visiting strange/new places.

Apply common sense and a sense of humor around strangers and be kin not take any avoidable risks. Do not how ever assume that all strangers are harmful or dangerous for you will miss out on the lovely, charming Ugandans. Meeting and talking to native  people adds important flavor to your Uganda safari. Most local people enjoy talking to visitors of their country I am sure you do too.

6. Make your safari budget and follow it step by step

Many travelers tend to concentrate on the cost of getting to their travel destinations and staying there i.e flight and accommodation. Often they overlook how much to spend during their safaris.

Making you Uganda safari budget will save you money if followed. Ensure that you keep track of your expenditure while traveling to make sure you strictly spend as you budgeted. Stick to your budget in principle but not to stringent not to enjoy your safari. Always plan for miscellaneous funds to cater for eventualities

7. Keep a Travel Journal (s)
Many travelers quickly forget travel aspects quickly,therefore it wise you  a travel with a travel journal n your Uganda safari/Uganda safaris. This keeps you abbressed with facts about your strange safari destination. Travel blogs are popular both in writing and reading them and many safari lovers love writing and following other travelers.

8. Carry a good camera
Never forget to take a good camera to capture those precious items and memories you cannot have even at a cost once not captured fresh on your Uganda safari.Good photos taken on your safari to Uganda will always keep your precious and priceless memories of a great safari for a lot of time provided they are well kept.
If you have concerns about the safety of your camera , always make sure it is adequately monitored and use it carefully rather than leaving it at home for certainly you will always regret it.

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