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Increased protection of Gorillas-Uganda safari News

gorillas in ugandaThe gorillas are the major tourist attractions in Uganda and Rwanda and have promoted more gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. This has generated more revenues to Uganda and Rwanda because as the tourists come for gorilla safaris they pay a fee which is later given to the government as revenue hence developing Uganda and Rwanda.

However the gorillas are sometimes poached by the poachers and this reduces their numbers hence reducing the number of gorilla tracking tours. The rare gorillas sometimes escape and get to other countries because of the problem of habitat loss as local people cut down trees hence reducing their population.

The protection of the gorillas is therefore needed so as to increase more gorilla trek safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Therefore there are strict laws set against poaching so as to control the reducing number of gorilla safaris to Uganda and Rwanda. The local people have also been encouraged to plant trees rather than cutting them so as to provide habitats for the gorillas. This will therefore maintain the population of gorillas hence developing the tourism sector.

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