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Increased Security in Rwanda-Rwanda safari News

There has been insecurity in Rwanda so as to attract many safaris to Rwanda. Strict laws have been put in place against any form of insecurity that can lead to people’s loss of lives. This will therefore help make Rwanda a better place to live in hence attracting more safari visits to the country.

There are three suspects that have been arrested because of participating in insecurity activities. These include the radio journalist Cassein Ntamuhanga, the local musician Kizito Mihigo and Dukuzumuremyi paul. These were suspected for terrorist attacks and their arrest will preserve peace in Rwanda hence attracting more Rwanda safaris.

The three suspects were said to have planned to provoke the people into violence and over throw the government. Their investigation is going on so as to find out the main cause of this and their future plans. This will therefore teach those that were behind them a lesson so that they will not carry out such act. Through this there will be peace in Rwanda hence attracting tourists to come for more safaris to Rwanda.

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