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Insurance on Terrorism to help in saving the tourism sector in Uganda – Prime Uganda safaris

terrorist attack on kenyaTerrorism is a serious problem facing the tourism sector in Africa and also in Uganda. This has proved a problem since many terrorist attacks have affected the tourism sector in Uganda. This has also lead to the reduction in the number of Uganda safaris which has reduced the revenues of the country as well.

Not only in Uganda, terrorism has affected many countries in Africa which has resulted into damaging the tourism sector. A recent example can be the alshabab attack which was made to Kenya’s upscale mall which had many tourists who had come for safaris to Kenya. This has put many East African countries at stake since the attackers are not yet identified. This their brings in the issue of terrorism insurance in order to protect the tourism sector from getting damaged, which will help in promoting safari visits to Uganda and in other East African countries.

The terrorist attacks are known to cause deaths, destruction of property and injuries. This means that the tourism industry in Uganda can be greatly affected since places like the hotels, restaurants and happening places are always targeted by the attackers. Therefore the issue of terrorism insurance can help at recovering all the infrastructures which can be affected by the attack, this helps in building the tourism sector since many people will continue to come for safaris to Uganda hence the development of the tourism sector.

The insurance policies are so important in helping the recovering of the lost properties of any country which has been affected by the war or terrorism attacks, this helps in developing the tourism sector which at last improves the safaris with in the country despite the effects of the terrorist attacks.

However, all countries should come up to avoid terrorism attacks since they completely affect the country and also affect the development of the tourism sector since many tourists who would be having an idea of coming for safaris to Uganda might end up cancelling the trips or even decide not to come to the affected country. Therefore, it’s important to always avoid such attacks by going into negotiations.

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