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Investment in transport to improve the tourism sector in Uganda- Uganda safaris & Tours


roadTransport is an important factor in the tourism industry since it facilities the movement of people from one destination to another. The transport sector in Uganda has helped in increasing Uganda safaris since it facilities the tourist movement which has helped in the developing of the tourism sector.The government therefore is planning to invest in transport development since this will help in improving the tourism sector, hence increasing safaris to Uganda. This will help in improving the infrastructural development like roads which lead to the main tourist destinations, for example the national parks.Uganda is also planning to set up 10 international airports some years from now which will help improving the tourism sector since many passengers who will be travelling to and from Uganda will have enough air seats to use while they travel .The railway network which is to be constructed will help in the movement of tourists from one destination to another since there will be easy reach to the tourist destinations especially those interested in safaris to National parks. This railway line will be of a high speed with paved national road networks linking to main towns of Uganda.

More roads are bound to be renovated in order to make transportation more flexible for visitors who come to Uganda for safaris; this will help in the development of the country and also the tourism sector as well.There is also need for developing modern road infrastructures which can be able to connect the whole tourist attractions which will be able to ease the movement of visitors who come for safaris in Uganda.

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