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Ishasha Sector Plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park

queen-elizabeth-parkTree-climbing lions in the Ishasha plains are the main compelling reason why many travelers on Wildlife safaris in Uganda add Uganda to their bucket lists. Many people can’t believe it that lions can trot up the tree and in case they encounter a lion in the wild up in the tree, that is considered a day of sunrise again.

However, Queen Elizabeth National Park has made many travelers run back to their drawing board and prove that its real Lions can climb trees with ease, although they may not get to the extremely small branches like primates. But this alone is enough to send a shiver in your spine that you won’t be safe with a game plan just in case you are in trouble with this lion.

Often, our travel guides have challenges to answering multiple questions from visitors to ensure I really appreciate the adventure, although our safari guides are amazing and informative in most aspects since they are always on the road, traversing various parks in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and East Africa at large.

The Lions of Ishasha climb trees for various reasons, and one of them is that they rarely hunt during the hot sun times of the day, so climbing is away to conserve their hunting energy and rest as you will find them in the acacia trees with their eyes closed

Secondly, the lions of Ishasha climb trees to avoid the biting insects, which often fly at a low height.

The trees in Queen Elizabeth National park offer a vintage point to spot the location of prey, especially where grass and thickets are higher compared to the body heights of the lions.

The exceptional plains of Queen Elizabeth national park are one of Uganda’s best game viewing spots. The national park stretches to the Rwenzori foothills in the north and covers a wide mixture of Crater Lakes, wildlife, birds, many primates, lakes and the magical Kazinga channel, where sightings include Elephants cooling off, Hippos yawning and basking crocodiles.

Safaris to Queen Elizabeth national park are scenic and memorable enough to keep travelers on Uganda safaris engaged throughout their stay. The safari Accommodation is fantastic to cater for all travelers whether luxury, mid-range or budget, with camping for backpackers.

From the Ishasha sector, one can easily connect Bwindi impenetrable National Park for a lifetime Uganda Mountain gorillas trekking experience.

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