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Jinja Tourism Links with Sweden Cut-Uganda safari News

jinjaSweden had signed to link with Jinja in the tourism sector so as to promote more safaris to Uganda and also improve the tourism sector. The agreements aimed at beautifying Jinja and make it a better place for the tourists to visit hence increasing more tour visits in Uganda.

However due to the signed Homosexuality bill, sweden has withdrawn its assistance in Uganda. They say they have stopped their co-operation with Uganda until when the Ugandans accept homosexuality. This has affected the tourism sector since Ugandans and the tour operators were not ready for this occurrence.

The local people are therefore called upon to work together with the Uganda Tourism Board so as to revise means of boosting the tourism sector in Uganda and therefore promote more safari tours in Uganda. This needs a lot of concentration and assistance from the government of Uganda financially so as the sector may be developed.

The tourism sector is the major foreign exchange earner to Uganda and therefore if it is not developed Uganda is not developed as well. The local people are therefore encouraged to make crafts and all attracting local products which the tourists can buy while on their Uganda visits. This will help bring in revenues to the government hence boosting the tourism sector and promoting more tours in Uganda.

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