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Kabarole District


It was part of Toro Kingdom at Independence. Following the abolition of Kingdoms in 1967, the kingdom became a district composed of present day Kasese, Kamwenge, Kyenjojo, Bundibugyo and Kabarole Districts.

It borders the districts of Bundibugyo in the west and north, Kasese in the south and Kamwenge in the east and Kyenjojo.

359.180 people, 179.079 female and 180.101 male.
Main Language;


Economic Activities
Agriculture with emphasis on food crops such as Sorghum, maize, finger millet, pigeons, Pease, g-nuts, sunflower, sweet potatoes and beans. Cash crops include; tea and Coffee. Vegetables and fruits include Tomatoes, Cabbages and Onions.

Banks; Stanbic and Centenary Bank
Education Services

The district has a total of 127 primary schools with 113 government, 9 private and 5 community schools. For secondary schools, the district has a total of 31 schools. 14 are government schools, 5 private and 5 community.
There are 3 teacher training colleges and 1 National Teacher Institute –Kicwamba.
Health services

The district has 7 Government dispensaries (II), 9 health centres (III) at county, 2 health centres (IV) at sub-district and 1 hospital. More so, it has 5 private/NGO dispensaries, 61 clinics, 2 health centres. Regional referral Hospital with 300 beds, Uganda catholic Buraeu-Virika Hospital with 318 beds, Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau-Kabarole Hospital with 70m beds and 10 health centres.
Transport Network

The district has an inadequate feeder-road network. The road from Fort[portal to Kyenjojo is tarmac the rest of the road network is murram. The western rail line to Kasese crosses the southern parts of the district.
Tourist attractions

The district is situated at the foot hills of the Rwenzori Mts, small and quiet and refreshing. It is the centre of Toro Kingdom. There is Kalambi Tombs, the burial ground for the Kings of Toro. Fortportal is also a base for trips to Kibale forest, Magombe swamp and Bigodi swamp.


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