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Kagulu Hill a new Uganda safari rocky adventure


Kagulu is a10,000 ft hill with gigantic rocks, offers adventurers a challenging climbing experience.It is believed to be the first migration and settlement area in Busoga region and it is a great new Uganda safari adventure and climbing it has become a must for mountain climbing tourists Uganda safaris travelers.

All Uganda safaris mountain climbing clients have been mesmerized by this soars so high in the sky and its visible movements as seen from a far. These assertive Kagulu rocks on Kagulu hill are located in kingdom of Busoga, Bugabula sub county of Buyende District, which was recently cut off from Kamuli District of eastern Uganda.

To trace the history of this rock on a hill, Edward Baliddawa, MP Kigulu County North, Iganga District, explains that Kagulu, which rises to 10,000ft above sea level, is believed to be the first migration and settlement center in the Busoga region.

Because this grey and black gigantic rock, with dots of green plus its surrounding areas (a must see for any mountain climbing Uganda safari tourist to Uganda) have a historical attachment to the formation of Busoga. They have a lot of cultural heritage for the Basoga.

Before any traveler proceeds to this historical site, you have to greet the caretakers of the rocks, who are believed to be some of the remnants of the Bachwezi. These authoritative care takers in this compound live in grass-thatched huts but possess powers to call on one of the elderly women up hill to inform her of whatever they would like to pass on to the locals in Buyende.

On top of the big hut which works as the main house, this place has a smaller hut in the compound in which the elderly lady claims to cures many diseases.

Climbing Uganda safari tourists have two points at which they start climbing the Kagulu rock, the first one is at the northern side and the second to the southern side where they have climbing metallic steps that make climbing easy. Whereas it is not a must to get to the top, it is a worthy try and all Uganda safaris client that have reached there.

Climbing this rock tests your stamina and endurance but much exciting and memorable to those who go up the hill every day and they all soaked in sweat by the time they descended to the foot of the hill. The Kagulu adventure is an excellent Uganda safari experience even for those who have been on this circuit several times.

Uganda safaris travelers that reach the top of the hill, can view the beautiful waterfalls that flow from the top of the rocks, ancient caves and Lake Kyoga at a confluence with river Nile. Kagulu hill is famous for its height and the challenge it offers to travelers that dare to climb it, it however has caves which offer sanctuary to the first settlers of the area. Baliddawa`s history connects to the historical rock explaining that Bunyoro kings always sought sanctuary and spent their leisure time on this hill.

It is also believed by many that this Uganda safari attraction (rock caves) are believed to have been discovered around 1686 during Olimi`s reghn as king of Bunyoro. It is believed that Prince Mukama was one of the first Bunyoro traditional rulers to conquer Busoga and to settle in the caves on Kagulu hill located at the bottom of the hill.

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