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Kampala capital city authority enforces restaurant standards – Uganda safari news

The Uganda’s Kampala Capital City Authority the body that overlooks the functioning of Kampala as a city  working tirelessly in enforcing the restaurant standards so as to ensure the safety of the clients including the Uganda safari undertakers.
The Public Health Team has been moving around the city inspecting various food preparation centers with keen consideration to their production standards and quality of their working environment something that is seen as a positive move through which the standards can be enforced  the people including those on safaris in Uganda have a memorable meal experience.
One may assert that these are just attempts by the government with no implementation. However, this is not that case and Kampala Capital City Authority is committed to making it a success. The Guangzhou Restaurant is noted to be a victim of this move.
The restaurant which is positioned along the Mabua road is noted to have been found with food stuffs that are expired stretching back to 2008, 2010 and in 2012 still packed in the stores. Though these food stuffs were not being prepared for the clients including those on Uganda safaris and tours, they would be prepared for the workers.
The other items that prompted the restaurant closure included the filthy cutlery, pans and cooking stoves. The empty gas containers in the compound behind the Kitchen were noted by the Kampala Capital Authority Team to be of a hazard to the workers and the surrounding community.
Kampala Capital City Authority continues to seal off to eateries and restaurants in the city that do not meet the required standards. The enforcement of standards and ensuring of quality will definitely build a sustainable destination that has reliable quality services and eventually prompt more travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
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