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Kampala express highway to ease transportation between Kampala and Entebbe international airport – Uganda safari news

Construction-works-at-Entebbe-highwayGreat joy fills our souls when we hear about the construction of a detour connecting Uganda’s largest city Kampala and its gateway the Entebbe International Airport. We can surely hope that this road is a going to ease the transportation of guests on Safaris and Tours to Uganda between the Capital City and the country’s busiest aerodrome. With proficient assistance from the China Communication and Construction Company, and a 40 year loan of 350 million US$ from the Chinese Government through the Exim Bank of China, the Kampala Express Highway will link with the village of Abayita Ababiri; travel through Kajjansi and then arrive at Busega on the Kampala Northern Bypass Highway. The entire development is projected to cost 476 million US$.
The current road has fine tarmac but is narrow and often congested. If you happen to find yourself in the traffic on a horribly busy day, your first day in Uganda could make you regret why you even thought about booking a Uganda Safari and Tour.
Tourists share the road with hardworking Ugandans as they hoot and maneuver here and there as they try to get to work early enough in the morning or as they try to be there for their families in the evening after a long day of work.
Apparently, travelers are forced to target times in the day, like around lunch time when the road is less congested lest they arrive late at the airport or miss a flight. But what joy it is that this new highway brings because our Tours and Safari guests will not live to regret having chosen Uganda as their desired destination.
On completion, of the highway, the next major development that our eyes will focus on is the Lomej airfield in Kidepo Valley National Park which the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Uganda plans to transform into an International Airport.
Imagine landing in Uganda and the first thing that welcomes you is a beautifully smiling African wilderness populated with abundant numbers of grass and flesh-eating animals, not forgetting the shiny golden-green grasses in which the animals play. At that point even before you meet your Tour Operator you will know that your Safari in Uganda has commenced.
So we can prepare for the next amazing developments to come and just pray that the process of constructing better transport infrastructure continues to be successful.
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