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Kanyanchu primate walks in Kibale national park-Uganda safari news

safaris to uganda-chimpanzeeStrategically positioned close to Fort portal town-the most beautiful town in Uganda, Kibale national park is gifted with different primate species and this has made Primate Walk in the park’s Kanyanchu area to be main activity enjoyed by various tourists on Uganda safaris to Kibale national park. The most enjoyed primate activity is chimpanzee trekking.
Blessed with an estimated total of 13 primate species, Kibale national park is Uganda’s prime destination for tourists on primate watching safaris to Uganda. Your Uganda safari tour Kibale will offer that long awaited opportunity to encounter the world’s most splendid primate species. The primate species which cannot be missed in your primate walk in Kibale include baboons, black and white monkeys, and grey cheeked mangabey among others.
Chimpanzee trekking is the most impressing primates’ walks in Kanyanchu area. The famous activity in Kibale starts at 8:00Am in the morning and 2:00pm in the afternoon. The activity starts by visitors on Chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda reporting to the park headquarters in Kanyanchu as early as 7:30 for an early morning briefing from the park rangers about the rules to follow when trekking the Chimpanzee in the ever green vegetation of Kibale forest national park. After briefing, trekkers are lead to the forest trail to search for the stunning species of the chimpanzees and once up close, visitors are allocated one hour to interact with the primate species.
Along the trails, visitors participating in Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris can watch eco-systems such as the different bird species, traditional plant species within the forest. Therefore booking your Chimpanzee trekking safari to Uganda will enable you to have impressing experiences. Besides watching primates, your Uganda safari to Kibale will enable you to enjoy the magnificent sights of stunning bird species that are supported in the forest and wetland areas of Kibale forest national.
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