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Kasubi Tombs restoration boosted.-Prime Uganda safaris & Tours

Kasubi tombsKasubi Tombs is a cultural site of Buganda Kingdom which was burnt and now its going through a restoration process which will later help to increase Uganda safaris , this is because many people from all over the world have always visited the tombs for cultural studies. This site is considered to be the main cultural site of Uganda.

The site has boosted by many organizations which have come up to invest money in order to fasten its restoration, CCA is one of the organizations which have come up to provide funds to the restoration of the tombs, it donated 10million which were received by the management. This place will soon be finished and will again attract as many tourists who will come for safaris to Uganda.

Buganda has got many cultural sites which have attracted many tourists to come for safaris in Uganda. These include the kabaka palace, the Bulange building, wamala tombs and many other which are frequently visited by many visitors.

The Kasubi Tombs before it was burnt used to generate high revenues for the kingdom and this helped in innovating the rest of the Buganda sites so that they can also generate revenues for the Buganda Kingdom, These tombs remained attracting safari visits even though they were burnt.

The government has however contributed to the restoration of the tombs since many tourists who come for cultural safaris also engage in other activities like mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee safaris, bird watching and many others, this means the tombs indirectly contributes some revenue to the central government.

Buganda tourism board has continued to Market the Kasubi tombs which has helped in encouraging many tourists to come for safari tours to Uganda. It does this through the Buganda Tourism Expo which is carried out every year. Also other sites are marketed since they also bring in revenue to the Buganda Government.

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