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Kazinga Channel in Uganda Queen Elizabeth Park

kazinga_channel uganda safarisConnecting the two rift valley lakes of Edward and George, 40 m long Kazinga channel is one the rewarding wildlife hot spots on Uganda safari. Situated wholesomely in the boundaries of Queen Elizabeth National park – a declared world biosphere reserve mostly visited on safaris to Uganda, the channel is a perfect environ for various aquatic dwellings and the wildlife drinking on the channel sides.  The sights on this great channel are quite rewarding, the flora and fauna that lie adjacent to it leaves all travelers on safari in Uganda wholly astonished. The channel is natural thus the experience is also natural as evidenced by the abundance of bird life that find no other place worth of stay apart from the banks of Kazinga channel. Considering its location in the protected area, its great value can not only be seen from the views alone but its role regarding biodiversity support and the continual existence of the ecosystem harmony in terms of shelter and water for animals that always approach it for cool water to quench the thirst of the rift valley hot temperatures. No wonder it is a rich spot for viewing wildlife on Uganda safari. Wild animals like Buffaloes, Elephants, Antelope species and the highest concentration of hippos in the world cannot be skipped while cruising on your safari in Uganda. Kazinga channel can be encountered on Uganda wildlife safari or alongside your gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda.

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