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Kidepo National Park awarded Africa’s leading Park – Uganda Safaris

african male lion in KidepoKidepo National Park is a park found in Uganda and also is one of the 7 seven parks located in Africa which have been nominated for 2013 world Travel Awards. This will help to increase Uganda safaris to Kidepo since many people will come to know about this park all over the whole world.
The other parks which are to participate in the awards include; Kalahari Reserve of Botswana, Kruger National Park, in the southern Africa, The so called Etosha National Park, Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, Serengeti National Park and the Nyugwe National Park which is located in Rwanda. These awards will help to create awareness to the outside world hence increasing safaris to the respective countries.
The nomination awards comes after kidepo national park celebrating 50 years since this park was gazetted as a national park, the park has got a variety of wildlife which includes lions , elephants, leopards and many more , it has a unique scenery, grasslands which are savannah by type and the mountainous ranges which have attracted many safaris to Uganda.
This park is the only one in Africa where one can find the big five; the lion’ leopard, elephant, buffalo and Rhino. This park also harbours many unique bird species which have attracted many birding safaris in Uganda.
The awards which are prepared by the world travel awards were established in 1993 to reward as well as celebrate the excellence of national parks all over the world but basically in the tourism sector. This helps to increase awareness of these parks at the same time improve on the number of visitors who come for safaris.
Kidepo National Park was nominated to participate in the awards celebrations of 2013 which will help to improve people’s knowledge about this park, which will help to increase Ugandan safaris.

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