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Kidepo national park hidden treasures-Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

buffaloes in Kidepo valley national parkKidepo national park lies between Uganda and Sudan boarder and it was gazetted as a national park in 1962, this park has got big game, mammals and many species of birds, these have attracted many tourists who have come to safari Uganda, hence increasing the revenues of the country.

This park is always isolated by the tourists since wars have been going on in the northern part of Uganda. This park has got a savannah land scape and vegetation which has favoured the growth of the wildlife with in the park; this has helped in attracting more safari tours to Uganda.

 This park has got accommodation facilities which cater for the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda; these include the UWA bandas and the Apoka lodge which caters for the luxurious tourists.

The park has got variety of wildlife, which includes; elephants, lions, monkeys, and many more; it has also got many bird species which have attracted many birding safaris to the park. This national park is considered to have many wildlife species since it has been well conserved and preserved.

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