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King of Beasts Losing Ground in Uganda’s Paradise – Uganda Safari News

lions in ugandaAccording to the recent survey, the stunning member among the big five wildlife that attract many safaris to Uganda’s national parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls is drastically losing its ground in the countries protected areas. The respected African lions in Uganda is said to have reduced its numbers by an estimated percentage of 20 percent over the last 10 years in some protected areas like Murchison falls the largest national park in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth national park the second largest and the most visited by tourists and lastly the home of wilderness Kidepo national park in Uganda.
The loss of the lion species have been attributed to the increasing illegal human activities such as the poisoning by local cattle herders as repayment for livestock attacks caused by the lions when they move out of the protected areas to nearby communities and also snares established by the local hunters to trap the other animals eaten by the local people have ended up trapping or killing the lion species. The increasing trends in the loss of the lion species in Uganda is calling for immediate intervention by all the concerned tourism stake holders to see that these illegal human activities are stopped in order to save the lion species which is one of the wildlife species attracting many wildlife safaris to Uganda.
The serious downward trend in the total number of lions in Uganda if nothing is done to stop it ,it will cost the country’s tourism sector and even lower the number of Uganda safaris under taken to national parks. However Uganda’s Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth remains the only sector in the Africa where traveler in Uganda safaris can easily enjoy the views of the tree climbing lions.
Lions species are one of the big five species that attract travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda’s savanna parks like Murchison falls and if the species of the lions are left to decrease, the survey by WCS shows that this will reduce number of safaris under taken to savannah parks by 40% because results show that 60% of travelers who undertake safaris tours to Uganda’s national parks request  their guides to take them to parks where they can easily watch the stunning species of the lions.
Despite of the above mentioned, Uganda still remains the pearl of Africa and must visit destination in Africa because it’s the only safe heaven where travelers seeking for unique wildlife encounter with the mountain gorillas can have their dreams and expectations met. Therefore taking safaris to Uganda will widen your opportunities to meet the rare wildlife species including the tree climbing lions, Gorillas, White Rhinos, Large herds of Buffaloes among others.
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