Kirumia Guesthouse is a budget facility located 100m near Kirumia Trail which is a birding site for birders in Bundibugyo district just adjacent to the park boundary. The lodge is 5km away from the park head quarter’s – Ntandi.

As you take a rest at the hotel veranda you can easily spot some number of birds with the area being just at the park boundary, many birds do visit the hotel facility. The Kirumia Guesthouse is 10km from the Sempaya tourism center along the road heading to Bundibugyo town.

A stay at Kirumia Quest house offers quite a unique experience with an opportunity to site quite a number of bird species since it’s a birding site and a number of primates such as baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, grey checked mangabey, red-tailed monkeys and much more. Ying

By staying at the guest house, accessing the park is quite easy since in just 5 minutes you can be at the park premises ready for safari activities such as nature walks, bird watching, game drives, hot spring view, and primate walks.

Kirumia Guesthouse gives you a perfect location for your bird watching activity as you can just move out of your accommodation in the morning and begin your bird watching in Kirumia village which is also well known for birding as you later enter the forest for further birding. The lodge has enough parking space however does not have a wall fence.