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Kivu Coffee Experience Tour in Rwanda -From Crop to Cup-Rwanda Safari News

The Republic of Rwanda famously known as the country of thousand hills is blessed with beautiful, magnificent, stunning landscape on earth. The small country is home to five stunning Virunga massifs and also surrounded with different lakes, rivers, swamps, and above all the green lush natural vegetation distributed the three national parks in the country and other places. Rwanda destination has become a dream to many travelers in the world ,however many visitors who are under taking safaris to Rwanda seek for mountain gorilla trekking experiences but this is not where the discovery in Rwanda ends .The country of thousand hills is endowed with hidden treasures which include the production of the best coffee in the whole world.
For a traveler who is coffee pundit, Lake Rwanda safari destination of Kivu shores offers the best chance for an expert to experience one of the unique, rarest coffees in the whole world but locally grown in the land of thousand hills. The unique terrain and favorable climate in Rwanda has favored the growing of very rare, high quality coffee. The unique coffee has very distinct taste which makes it unique and different from all other types of coffees produced in different countries in the world .Therefore Rwanda safari destination of Kivu Coffee experience offers a   unique chance for travelers on their Safaris in Rwanda to taste the rare coffee direct from the source or garden.
Besides the having coffee experience, travellers on their safaris to Rwanda will have chance to view and participate in the growing of Arabica beans which are grown in Rwanda between an estimated altitude of 1468-1600 meters in some of the most attractive farms human begin could think of.
Under taking safaris to Rwanda enables visitor to be taken up close to have personal view of the picturesque coffee plantations such as Cyimbiri bay which creates the backdrop. During the tour visitors will meet the farmers and participate in coffee farming activities such as harvesting, sorting, tending, among other interesting activities.
The tours also lead the visitors to the Coffee chain production processes and at the end visitor will be rewarded with taste of traditionally processed, roasted coffee. The Kivu coffee crop to cup experience is wonderful, memorable experience which no visitor planning to undertake safaris to Rwanda should miss because the experience will help change the traveller’s perspective about the coffee mixed in the visitors eyes.
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