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Kyambura Game Reserve

Kyambura Game Reserve bordering the Kyambura Gorge in the west which is part of the Queen Elizabeth National park, is a home to a various wildlife and also including the only primates in Queen Elizabeth National park. This area is noted for its high concentration of primate species located in the gorge. The reserve is 156 sq. km in size and the area is surrounded by Savanna and it is an important water source for many animals. The Game Reserve was formed to serve as a buffer zone to Queen Elizabeth National park.


The reserve is located approximately 30km from Queen Elizabeth National park Headquarters on the North Eastern side of the park and the gorge spans 11km in distance and links to Kazinga channel hence forming the Northern boundary of the reserve while the plantations and the village lie to the southern side.

Tourist Attractions in Kyambura Game Reserve

Vegetation in the Kyambura Game Reserve;

Kyambura wildlife reserve consists of an underground forest known as Kyambura George which is boarded by the Kichambwa escarpment of the rift valley with the views of Queen Elizabeth National park. It also contains Savanna vegetation in the upper escarpment and the wild life reserve has over 13 habitats recorded and the area also is drained by Kyambura river with one of the impressive landscapes in Uganda close to the equator crossing with outstanding scenic views.

The Kyambura gorge’s steep slopes are believed to have been formed by the thunderous water of Kyambura river which has led to its rich biodiversity of the Riverine forest attracting a number of primates.

Wildlife species in the Kyambura wildlife Reserve;

Kyambura wildlife reserve is the only area where habituated chimpanzees are seen in Queen Elizabeth National park and it is also a home to primates such as red tailed and vervet, black and white colobus monkeys, baboons and also other species in the reserve include the blue headed bee eater, the African fin foot and the falcons together with the butterflies.

Birdlife in the Kyambura wildlife Reserve;

The riverine forest of the reserve offers shelter to different forest birds such as Bar tailed Godwit, Martial Eagle, Lesser plus Greater Flamingo, white tailed Lark, shoebill, Black rumped Buttonquail, verreaux’s Eagle Owl, pinkbacked pelican, white winged warbler, Black bee eater, pinkbacked Gonolek, African Broadbill and corncrake.

Tourist Activities in Kyambura Game Reserve

Chimpanzee trekking;

The chimp trekking at Kyambura wildlife reserve is the main activity done or carried out in the reserve and some of these chimpanzees have been habituated and the process took up to two years. Therefore, these chimpanzees carry on their day to day activities in the presence of humans and also are used and are familiar with humans. The reservations for the tracking of chimpanzees are made within Queen Elizabeth National park at Mweya visitor information center.

Nature walks and forest walks;

This activity offers you the opportunity of primate viewing of different animals such as giant forest hogs, Black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkey, black Columbus monkeys among others while taking a forest walk.

Bird watching;

The Kyambura wildlife reserve offers opportunities for sighting different bird life because the forest within the reserve is a home to different bird species such as the Lesser plus Greater Flamingo, white tailed Lark, shoebill, Black rumped Buttonquail, verreaux’s Eagle Owl, pinkbacked pelican, white winged warbler, Bar tailed Godwit, Martial Eagle, African Broadbill and corncrake and pinkbacked Gonolek.

How to get there to Kyambura Game Reserve


The reserve is 420 kilometers using Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara. There is also another route from Kampala via Fort Portal which is 410 kilometers bout 6 hours. you can also use charter flights from Entebbe to the Airstrip in Southwestern Uganda at Mweya for 1 hour.