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Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda’s most loved lake-Uganda safari News

lake bunyonyiLake Bunyonyi is also believed to having been formed over 8000 years ago and it was as a result of lava flow which was running from the local craters. This lake is considered to be one of the deepest lakes in the Africa and it has attracted many safari tours to Uganda.it has got over 29 islands and many steep hills which are so exciting.

The lake has got many numerous campsites and lodges which have always facilitated the tourists who travel to the Lake Bunyonyi. The lake has got the batwa people who are considered to be the shortest people in Uganda and these are loved by the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda.

The lake has got many bird species and these have always attracted many birders who have enjoyed birding safaris around the lake. This has helped in increasing the revenues of the country since the lake is visited by many birders. There are also locally made hand mate and crafts which are loved by the tourists.

In addition to Lake Bunyonyi, there are many other attractions which are found in Uganda. These include: the mountain gorillas, the chimpanzees, the culture of the people of Uganda, mountains and rivers, and many others which have attracted safari tours to Uganda.

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