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Lake Kivu is Haven on Earth-Rwanda Safari News

safaris on lake kivuIn the heat of the tropical night, after a dinner of excellent fish and too much wine, lake Kivu is the only place you can decide to commune with the local heavens. Being the largest freshwater lake that shimmers in the valleys of Rwanda, Lake Kivu is the only destination where visitors on Rwanda safaris can select a spot on the arc of pristine sand between sea and jungle.
Set amid the dramatic mountains of the rift valley and the volcanic Virungas to the north, the irregular shores of Lake Kivu form numerous inlets and peninsulas and myriad forest-fringed waterfalls that are stunning to all visitors on Rwanda Safaris. The lake is a 2650 square kilometer freshwater expanse and the largest of all the lakes that fill the valleys of Rwanda.
The Steep terraced hills in the lake lead down to the picturesque lake shore, and three resort towns of Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu, which are ideal stopping Centers for adventure seekers on safari tour to Rwanda .The cities offer basing points to relax, swim, or take a boat excursion past the small lakeside villages to enjoy the views of rural life in Rwanda.
Gisenyi is the major town for excursions for visitors on gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda. Situated on the north of Lake Kivu, it also offers many opportunities for water sports or for excursions on the lake. Kibuye, further south, is another lakeside resort. Near Cyangugu, on the southern shores of the lake, are the spectacular grottoes of Kaboza and Nyenji, and the thermal waters at Nyakabuye. Nearby, the Rugege Forest is the home of many rare species of wildlife. The towns are linked by a wide roller-coaster road that goes through lush plantain fields and relic patches of misty rainforest to offer sweeping views over the shimmering lake. Taking a charter boat service on the lake to link from one town to another makes you to meet heaven on earth. Birdlife around the lakes is fantastic including large numbers of pelicans, crowned cranes, malachite kingfishers and much more.
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