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Lake Mburo: A special destination of Uganda- Prime Safaris & Tours

Lake Mburo is one of Uganda safaris’ attractions and it is located in western Uganda decorated with large herds of wild animals such as buffaloes that wonder within the water, the crocodiles and hippos on the marshy edges of the lake which help to increase safaris to Uganda. Kaddu Sebunya, the chief of party at USAID said that Lake Mburo is a prime park close to Kampala city and it can take a visitor just a day’s drive or a weekend out. He continued to say that with the cooperation of both Africa Wildlife Foundation and Uganda Wildlife Authority, Lake Mburo national park can help to increase safaris to Uganda.

Uganda Safaris can be improved through increasing on the attractions within Lake Mburo national park in addition to its natural beauties in order to make it suitable to the local tourists. In addition, Lake Mburo is one of the parks that are to benefit from USAID programme which will be implementated by Africa Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

Furthermore, Kaddu says that Land owners outside the park will be assisted to benefit from wildlife through Uganda safaris and this will be possible through adding value to the existing attractions and making it more attractive to Ugandans.

Safaris in Uganda well developed, could help in securing conservation of biodiversity and economic growth says the communications officer at AWF, Abiaz Rwamwiri.This will be possible if the economic value of healthy ecosystems and the services they provide benefit local resource users hence mitigating natural resource degradation.

Creation of stability in Uganda safari market would help promote both domestic and regional tourism, says Raymond Engena. He continued to say that expensive accommodation was putting off Ugandans intending to have safaris to Uganda national parks.

Lake Mburo‘s revenue is still low due to low levels of promoting the tourism potentials of the park so that it pays for activities and tourist producconservation. The lack of adequate accommodation facilities also has lead low revenues in the park. However this can be improved through changing of strategies in order to attract better paying visitors and also introduction of more tourist ts in order to meet tourist needs hence increasing tourist numbers and improving safaris to Uganda.

In cooperation of the park management and the US Forest Service Volunteers, there is a plan of designing Mburo Trail for Biodiversity programme activities in Lake Mburo. The new network will include new and extension of existing networks drawn with the support of Uganda Wildlife Authority and USAID/Uganda-Tourism and Biodiversity programme in Lake Mburo. The trails will help in increasing Uganda safaris through visitor experience and product diversification with in the park, the trials will also give visitors a choice of nature walks and wildlife encounters. This will eventually help in improving Uganda safaris to Lake Mburo National park.

Lake Mburo still faces the challenge of poor roads especially the road from the high way leading to the park still remains poor. Therefore the government should support in overcoming such barriers in order to improve safaris to Uganda National parks.

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